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Peer Work with SUSEP

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The Substance Use Support and Employment Program is run by, for, and with people who have lived experience with substance use. Every person on the team has walked a similar path and together we find strength in those shared experiences, in supporting one another, and in finding ways to meet our personal goals around substance use. This can look like learning how to manage our substance use so that it doesn't interfere with our daily lives, or for others it can look like aiming to stop using substances. Everyone's path is different and we respect that difference.

That is why peer work is so important to SUSEP. Pictured here is a beloved member of our team, Mama Rose. Mama Rose brings incredible value to the team through her lived experience, her love for people, and her endless compassion and wisdom. She is currently learning how to navigate technology and how to provide support for people using substances in more formal settings. However, Mama Rose has been providing support to people on the DTES for decades. She's a pro!

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