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SUSEP Participant Davin Describes Meaningful Work

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Question: What sorts of jobs have you had?

Davin describes working different jobs when he was young and traveling. He began dealing drugs, but once he got into it he realized this was not for him as he prefers to live a non-violent life. Davin describes going from job to job as he got older and resigning himself to labour work. He feels that he got lucky getting a job at the Binner's Project that enabled him to use his ideas and intelligence to make things happen in the community.

Question: What did it mean for you to get your job at the Binner's Project?

Davin states that this was a huge opportunity for him, because he had previously been resigned to not going to school or having a good job. Davin likes to think, use his ideas, and the Binner's Project makes him feel good about himself because he is contributing to his community. Davin believes that having a good job is connected to feeling good about yourself.

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