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Substance Use Support and Employment Program

What is SUSEP?

The Substance Use Support and Employment Program (SUSEP) supports people to meet their goals around safer substance use and employment. We offer individual counselling, goal setting support, peer facilitated groups, appointment accompaniment, assistance with harm reduction medications, and more. All SUSEP services are free of cost and confidential.


We operate out of EMBERS Eastside Works at 57 East Hastings Street in Vancouver, BC, in the heart of the Downtown Eastside. Since SUSEP began in May 2021, we have helped members of the community find meaningful work and pathways to safer substance use.

SUSEP endeavours to deliver all programming in a manner that is trauma-informed, inclusive, and provides a safe space to individuals who experience marginalization due to their gender, including transgender individuals. Staff at SUSEP are engaged in a continual process of learning to provide the best support possible to everyone.



SUSEP has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that we can connect participants to services outside of our program when needed. We work with other agencies to ensure that participants have access to health care, food, clothing, and other essentials of living.


Advocacy is central to SUSEP. We walk alongside people to help them reach their goals. This could look like advocating for people within the healthcare system or employment settings, ensuring that participants voices are heard and respected.


SUSEP takes pride in being located in the DTES of Vancouver and making our services available to everyone. SUSEP operates out of a drop-in employment centre, however staff will meet individuals in the community to facilitate access to SUSEP.


57 E Hastings Street


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